My son’s stool have been hard as well as round?? Anyones babys stool alter??

Yes. And because stool-change is among the warning signs that they are drinking an excessive amount of to allow them to digest as well as aren’t prepared to change to dairy exclusively however, I transformed her to formula which was which. She did not stop getting tummy-aches as well as stool-problems till she attempted milk from 20 several weeks.

My child’s poop really became runnier as soon as she had been started on dairy. I’ve already been feeding the woman’s some foods to assist bind the woman’s up a bit just therefore the poo is really a little much less liquidy. Your woman doesn’t or else have any kind of problems. She does not ever seem to have upset belly or anything like this, just truly runny poop. I feel I ought to mention which my baby happens to be teething once again also, and whenever she’s teeth arriving, her poop tends to obtain a bit runny anyhow. So I have no idea if it is the milk or tooth doing this.

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