My baby (2 & 5 months old) has been having diarrhea on and off for about 3 days. I have been keeping her hydrated with lots of water & watching what she eats. However, she still has diarrhea. She doesn’t have a fever or any cold/flu symptoms. If it continues for the next couple of days, I will setup a Doctor’s appointment. However, what can I give to her right now to help with the diarrhea? Are there any OTC medicines I can give to her?

When my twins had a bad bout of diarrhea, doctor said to put them on liquid only diet for 24 hours. water, white grape juice, jello, chicken broth, etc. They couldn’t have milk but they could have yogurt in the liquid diet. What this does is shut the colon down. Gives it time to heal. Then for the next 24 hours after that, they were on BRAT diet.This totally worked on my boys. I split up the 24 hours over 2 days. I started them on the liquid diet at dinner. That way they had the whole night. Then they had yogurt for breakfast with some juice. Lunch was like the dinner the night before with just broth and jello and water to drink. Then they were able to have something solid for dinner because it was 24 hours at that point. That whole 2nd day neither one of them had a bowel movement. Which meant they didn’t have anything solid to digest in thier colon. The next morning.. we had solid poop!!! It worked!!!Hope this helps.

I have a 2 year old and I have given him Pepto Kids. (pepto bismol) it is chewable and tastes like bubble gum.I also give him yogurt which helps diarrhea. You are doing the right thing by keeping her well hydrated and watching what she eats. I wouldn’t be too concerned if she seems ok, no vomiting or anything. If she were vomiting, I would be concerned.Good luck, I hope she feels better.