If he has a lot of diarrhea, then dehydration becomes a concern. Keep an eye on the "soft spot" I think they still have it at 15 months. (Our son is 5 months. and we have been given this advise) Ensure it does not "sink". Pedialyte works well to prevent dehydration due to diarrhea.Good Luck

Take him to another doctor or hospital immediately as he could be in serious trouble. That is too long for a baby to have diarrhea and he could be dehydrated by now. Please don’t wait any longer he is too precious to lose.

My new born also has been having those smelly liquidy pops:( First and most importantly . it could be because of YOUR diet. Make sure you are eating healthy, no caffiene, no raws, take your prenatals. Try giving him sugar water or watered down kool-ade .this helps keep them hydrated especially after diarrhea when they’re pretty much empty. I’ve also tried an old remedy my grandma and mom used. Boil anise seed , like you would tea , its taste like liqorice, and is a life saver with upset babies. Its perfectly safe because its natural, but check with your doctor . Hope I was a help.

My son is 10 months 1 week old is just finally cutting a tooth. He is refusing solid food so he is getting more bottle instead. I think that is what is causing the loose stool (he doesnt have diarrhea), not the teething. Going from mostly solids then back to mostly formula. If this is the cause I would think that once he gets back to eating more solids than his poop would return to normal.

I started with cereal, just once a day. I continued to breastfeed on demand. She seemed to enjoy it ok. No diarrhea or other changes.

I feel like my morning sickness is coming back, and have some diarrhea.it is the body clearing out, and definitely a good sign that baby is coming soon. Have been VERY close to vomiting, but not quite yet (not my favourite thing to do.)

Breast fed babies will always have water stools. This is normal so don’t worry. And Yes she is getting enough milk from you. The reason she is probably not on there for long is because you have such a strong supply. This is a good thing. You would only need to worry if she was on there for half an hour and still not content on settling. They will feed when they are hungry i always demand feed and did not feed every baby diarrhea four hours like people suggest. Your baby will let you know how much she needs. And you will get to know her well soon enough so just relax and enjoy your beautiful baby girl. Congratulations on being a mother it is the best job in the world.

well when my son was sick they told me the same thing, to give pedialite to him like a tablespoon every 30 min until he hasnt puked in 2 hours and then bump it up, if you baby is still not keeping anything down and starting to sleep more and become lethargic, then you need to get him back to the ER right away so he dont get dehydrated! there is really nothing you can give a baby that young except for maybe a anti nausia via rectally baby diarrhea but you would have to get it from the doctor i would take him back if i were you!