I am not sure if she has a stomach virus or something else. She has been exposed to a little girl who just recently was sick. The other girl had a fever, loose stools, and vomitting. My baby has had loose and runny stools all day long. She has now had it 7 times since about 7 am this morning. She also won’t eat or drink very much. What can I give her that might help with the diarrhea, and what could help to keep her from getting dehydrated and to keep nutrients in her.

i give her same water or same watered down juice or coridal and give her same plain food like toast with honey or whatever spread she likes

Sounds like the rotovirus to me. My baby just had it. She probably can’t keep down water either right? Well I went to the dr. and she said that if she couldn’t keep two ounces of juice down for a half and hr. she was becoming dehydrated and may need hospitalization with an IV. Don’t give her water. Dilute all juice (say away from apple). Let her sip, even with a straw. Offer jello, bananas, rice, toast. Pedialyte from the supermarket is the way to go…it even comes in frozen pops. Go to dr. and get her checked out before it gets really bad.. By the way, it is contagious-10 days after the onset of diarrhea. Looks like a stomach vius but worse. Good luck.