diarrhea is often a symptom of dehydration! also as being a contributer. antibiotics could also impact dehydration. It sounds like he may well have to have some pidialite(sp?) and water aong with his normal fluids.

Has she started out to possess diarrhea? If that’s the case, this sounds Precisely like what Angela had a few weeks ago, and was hospitalized for: Rotavirus. It isn’t as widespread in adults, but not unattainable. It could possibly be what you had, as well.We took Angela for the emergency space soon after three days of vomiting for the reason that she was displaying indicators of dehydration: no tears, cracked lips, and so on. The admitted her without delay. She had been at Urgent Care the day just before (as a result of program this stuff usually comes about on a weekend once the pediatrician is not in!). They told us there that if she wasn’t an entire lot greater in 8-10 hrs, we necessary to head to the ER, and that is what we did.I’d take her back, in advance of the circumstance becomes actually critical. Accurate, there is not a lot they will do to get a virus, but she should really be evaluated to view if she must be acquiring IV fluids.The a single issue that struck me when Ang was sick was how tired she was. I had certainly not witnessed her so lethargic.Very good luck, hope she feels superior quickly.

He may quite effectively have Lactose intolerence does he have ?abdominal discomfort?abdominal bloating?gas?diarrhea?nauseaCan he consume other milk merchandise? THis may very well be deeper you ought to take him back for the dr, to check due to the fact spmetimes alergy’s can get worse.

sounds like she has diarrhea. that would exlain the tummy discomfort, dehydration and lack of power. pedialyte and medical doctor check out in purchase! No sugars! Hope she feels superior quickly.poort point.

If he includes a cold and cough it may perhaps be complicated to breath, that will lead to him to become fussy and regularly break away from your bottle. Have you attempted a humidifier at evening even though he sleeps? Also, is child diarrhea he breastfeed or formula? If formula, it perhaps upsetting his tummy. The poor tiny guy includes a lot going on. I’ve a 14 month old son who drove me nuts due to the fact he was incredibly delicate to formula when he was an infant.I ultimately had to switch to Similac Alimentum. If he continues to be around the exact same formula for some time without complications till now then it can be possibly a cold in mixture with his teething.

Like everybody else stated he might be teething. My son ran a very low grade fever and had a runny nose with several of his teeth. If he’s nonetheless consuming and creating dirty diapers then he really should be fine. View to view if infant diarrhea he’s pulling at his ears, might be an ear infection. I’d just retain an eye on every thing.give him some tylenol or motrin for that fever. If it persists then contact the physician, but I am confident you currently knew that.