My son’s stool may be grey with regard to quite at some point. He is just 4 several weeks old. I asked a doctor many of your time and your woman said it was simply cause i’d to alter his method from Similac in order to Good Begin. I needed to change due to WIC. Must i change him or her to soy method? I noticed that soy is much better if their own stool is actually grey… MAKE SURE YOU HELP

I would obtain a second viewpoint because my personal doctor said when the stool is actually gray as well as clay-like then there’s a problem. He stated their stool may take on numerous colors although but which specifically often means there’s a problem. I have no idea which kind of problem however he believed to bring him or her in in the event that it actually happens. We wouldn’t change formulas without having consulting the

No We wouldn’t alter to soy method, I might keep him about the Good Start it may be because a person changed him in one formula towards the other same task happened in order to my baby and he’s 4 several weeks old additionally but so long as your baby is actually pooping okay and is not constipated it’ll go aside soon if it does not than speak with his doctor again and get her what she’d advise.

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