Is she on any new foods? Did you start preparing her bottles differently? Should you be breastfeeding have you eaten anything at all new? All these items could make the infant sick. If none in the over probably it’s a virus and really should go away on its personal in a very couple extra days.

it may be but how prolonged has she had it? what color, how watery, and the way normally will inform the health care provider what exactly is specifically incorrect. she must see the medical professional anyways lead to its not excellent for babies to get diarrhea.if is one thing you ate probably the most frequent are dairy, peanuts, and fruits. you’ll have to climate your diet plan to what the peds say.

When contractions start out they at first truly feel like smaller period cramps, once they progress it becomes far more unpleasant and they start to really feel like extreme period cramps. (Technically these are, once you have period cramps you're actually have contractions – it's the uterus expanding and pulsing). When the infant is extra close to coming out, you really feel pressure on your vagina, which is when the health care provider tells you its time to push. Diarrhea pains come much more from you upper abdomen than contractions, so I wouldn't worry about it, they're not contractions, but I still would have them checked out with your health practitioner.Fantastic Luck!

I agree with the Pedialyte and the Isomil DF is for diarrhea, so yes, I agree, babies this young are fragile and dehydration is serious. Did he say to continue with any breast milk or stop that completely? I seen an old home remedy work on a infant with terrible diarrhea. When I lived in Italy the neighbor lady was breast feeding and sipped tea with as much fresh lemon juice in it as she could stand, it did help, whether it was the lemon in the breast milk or it had just run it’s course, I can’t say for sure.

A yeast infection looks the same on an adult as it does on a infant. It sounds like she is having a reaction to the medication, or the diarrhea that may be touching her vagina. I would def take her into the ER ASAP. Let them take a look at it. Hope that helps.

My son went the other way with infant gaviscon, it made him really constipated. The milk she sicked up was probably thicker because from the gaviscon as that’s what it does, it’s a thickener that is designed to sit on top on the stomch contents in an attempt to keep it down, infant diarrhea oh I hated that stuff! As for the diarhoea I would say it was caused my a little something else.

I have heard that too. I did have loads of loose stool weeks before i was induced.But I had explosive stool (Sorry TMI) right before I went into HARD labor. I was also induced so it may have been a little bit different for me. But I was having light labor, cramping but right after I had the urge to poop, i started in infant diarrhea on the hard labor.From my experience, YOU’LL know! It also feels like your ENTIRE colon is being cleaned out!Fantastic Luck!