He’s trouble heading potty so when he will its small balls and incredibly hard along with some bloodstream. Ive attempted prune liquid, over the actual counter stool softners, karo syrup amd absolutely nothing works i’m getting worried so what can i perform???

First of, you are to be concerned. Bad constipation may cause serious, and occasionally permanent problems otherwise addressed rapidly. If you’ve tried all those things plus they are still not really helping then it’s definitely time for you to see a doctor. Your baby may require stronger medicines or suppositories or even he should have research to eliminate any inner issues.

Is he or she potty educated or have you been working onto it right right now?? If you’re in a procedure of toilet training the children can begin being constipated just since they’re scared of the new changeover. If not really than as others mentioned prior to, a large amount of fruit. What assisted me along with my baby was lots of juice. Wish that assists

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