she is not complaining of pain or disconfort at all; but I am about to take her to the ped. Can you answer asap pls, we have no insurance.

Smelly, foamy, yellow diarrhea is from the lack of the bile in stool, and this is due to blockage of bile flow, and this may be due to:- liver problem- gallbladder or bile ducts problem- pancreas problem- small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)Remember these four possible causes and mention it to the ped. Your description of stool is good, ped. will know what tests to run. Please note that this diarrhea is NOT likely to originate from the colon or stomach (and less likely from small intestine).Tests, you can expect:- stool test for fat- blood work for liver and pancreatic enzymes- ultrasound of abdomen- HIDA scan to check bile flow through liver and bile ducts (they inject a contrast substance into a vein and monitor its distribution through liver/bile ducts on a special scanner.Except the last one, these tests should not be expensive. If problem with money, ask in charity organizations /church – if they have money for shoes and clothes, they have it for treatment of kids (it works great in my country, it should in yours :) ).

I would keep an eye on her, and make sure that she does not become dehydrated, but I do not think it warrants a doctor’s visit. If it lasts longer than a few days, or she begins to show other signs of illness such as fever or listlessness you may want to consider it, but most childhood diarrheal diseases will resolve with symptomatic treatment.

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