2 weeks ago, my baby began vomiting. He had small bouts of diarrhea accompanying it. He vomited throughout the night. By morning, he was able to hold down fluids. By evening, he was eating bland foods in small quantities. As each day passed, he ate more food. But 3 days after the first episode, he had another episode in the morning. He emptied his stomach and had diarrhea again. We repeated the same cycle of eating and drinking and 4 days later, same thing. He’s vomiting less with each episode and having greater amounts of diarrhea. I took him to the doc. She suggested no dairy and ordered blood work and stool. His labs came back normal. But this morning, we had ANOTHER episode with a very small amount of vomit and a very large amount of diarrhea. I’m at a loss. His doc recommended Zantac, but it seems like he’s just not able to fully digest his food. Why quell his acids even more?? What else can I do for him?

its sounds like he has picked up a gastro bug, it will eventually get better, but as long as his poo is runny, then you know its still in his system and he needs antibiotics to kill the bug.

Did they test for diabetes?_edit_Well,reababy I ask is,my younger brother had these same symptoms before he was diagnosed with type 1. But since you’re not answering,I’ll just suppose that they did test for that when they took blood. I’d take him to see a Gastroenterologists for further evaluation.