My baby started vomiting at 1:30a.m. but there is no diarrhea or fever. It’s now 3:00p.m. Should there be concern to take her to the hospital or wait a little longer? She won’t eat and she vomits up anything she drinks.

This is probably a virus. The most common concern with vomiting or diarrhea is dehydration. So even though she vomits when she drinks, the trick is to give her tiny amounts of water every so often until her stomach can handle eating agian. The rule of thumb is one tsp of water or pedialyte every 30 minutes ( unless she’s sleeping). If you notice that she is not urinating, not crying tears, vomits more than 8 times in a day , you should take her to the hospital for IV fluids. Just be very slow when giving her things to drink. Something that is also calming for the stomach, but not recommended any other time, is stirring the fizz out of plan cola and giving that to her by the tspfull. The syrup from the cola helps to settle the stomach. Becafeful not to let her get into the habit of drinking pop but it really does help.Good luck!Missy

Take her to the emergency room… NOW