My 20 month old baby has diarrhea and, I don’t know what I can give her to help her. She is only drinking pedialyte now because of it, and I was curious of what else I can do to help her. Any suggestions from moms out there?

you can feed him rice and bananas (both binding) or boil rice and give him the water it’s boiled in (rice water) to drink…Try the BRAT diet- Bananas, rice, apples and toast. Foods that are starchy will help firm up loose stools. If the diarrhea occurs more than 8 times a day, he doesn’t cry tears, isn’t urinating, you should take him to the ER or the doctor.

i would try some jello or flat ginger ale.. i mean she is little thats why i am saying flat ginger ale because the carbonation wont be a deal in this case.. but when you try jello take the spoon and chop it up a little so she isnt getting big bites and see what she does ANY CLEAR LIQUID will help stop diarrhea good luck I hoped i help a little

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