for the last 2 days my two year ld baby has been throwing up and has diarrhea … he just lays around, he doesn’t want to eat or play, which is very strange for him.. Ive been giving him popsicles and hes been drinking ginger ale (With the bubbles taken out) I guess im wondering is there anything else i should be doing for him… Today is is his 2nd birthday and I feel so bad we had to cancel his party and everythng else we had plannned!

When we tried to take our young baby to the clinic for that, they had us take her to the emergency room. A child can fade fast when they are that sick. you better take him to a doctor .

I could be some kind of stomach virus he caught in preschool or at the playground. I know because my sister has this a lot. Well, if it lasted for 2 days already you might wanna call a doctor about this, little kids get dehydrated really quickly so 2 days is a long time for them to be losing fluids. Maybe you can even take him to a doctor – make sure to bring extra clothes in case he’s gonna throw up on you – so you can be on the safe side and get him checked by a professional. Good luck and happy birthday to him after all, hey, why not turn his 2nd birthday into some kind of a happy get well soon day?