If my step baby had it he was throwing up and had diarrhea now my baby has had it for days it is very watery. and like a pail yellow. I cant get her into the doctors til next week I don’t know if I should just take her to the er or what. She don’t have a temp. I have changed her diaper atlease 10 to 15 times a night and about 20 to 25 during the day

Why can’t you get her in to the doctor’s until next week? No doctor would make an infant with diarrhea wait that long. She would be seriously ill from dehydration before then. You need to have her seen sooner. If it lasts any longer, take her to the hospital. Dehydration has serious consequences in young babies and very easily occurs in cases of diarrhea and vomiting. Get her seen and in the meanwhile constantly offer her liquids, atleast every 20 minutes. Don’t give her gatorade, it has too much salt in it for little ones and can be harmful. Give her pedialyte. Also, watch her diet. Don’t force her to eat solid food if she doesn’t want to. If she does want to eat give her crackers, plain pasta, rice, bananas or apples.

The Dr. should be able to see her today. I usually call first thing in the morning when they open and get a first day appointment. Take her to the hospital if they won’t take her today or tomorrow. Your baby may be dehydrated if she’s had this for that long. Until you take her, give her pedialyte ( the gerber kind works too, they have it in apple flavor and it tastes just like apple juice) and rice cereal mixed with water instead of milk.

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