i was out on holidays with my little one and she had diarrhea she was not vomitting but she had loose motions i took her to doc he asked me to stop giving her anything sweet & she had the medicines she got well thn again after a week she started with same problem:( now i m back to home and she is still not well with her stomach she does motiong 3 to 4 times and sumtimes 5 times a day doc gave her antibiotic but still she is having it i m worried as its been more thn 2mnths now and doc said she looks fine but i dnt think its fine to open her bowels 3 to 4 times a day plz give me sum advice…thnx

It could be the antibiotics also loosening her bowels. Try getting her some Lactobacillus yoghurt from a health store to reline her intestines. Keep her off dairy as much as you can get her to eat boiled rice, boiled eggs, dry toast with a smear of jam or savoury spread on. Don’t give her fruit/juice/icecream etc. If you do not see an improvement in a few days and are still worrying get him to test her for salmonella! If he won’t then CHANGE your GP to get a second opinion!!

I don’t think it’s anything serious. But you might want to ask your doctor if he can refer you to a stomach specialist or something. Because no this is not normal, and she could have something wrong with her bowels. Maybe they aren’t processing her food right. Or you are switching her food too often. Try to stick with the same food.