Can there be stool softener for any baby 12+ several weeks?

prunes really are a natural stool softener, they help to make prunes as well as apples baby meals that tastes much better than solid prunes. Additionally they make the pedia-lax pill that flavor like chocolate, however this states about the bottle to become 2 years old. I noticed they’ve a split line in order to cut them in two, I might ask the actual pharmacist/doctor regarding lessening the actual dosage.

I discovered that the actual pear liquid for babies works more effectively than prune liquid. My baby doctor also suggested the pear liquid. 2oz associated with baby pear liquid to 2oz associated with water. Check it out, juice will be better than the usual stool softener because constipation is a result of a child’s diet.: )Good good fortune. I detest it whenever my child struggles.

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