I just took my 8 month old baby to the drs. He had a slight temp and he said 2 bad ear infections. I told him he has had 9 diarrhea diapers so far and he told me not to worry about that cuz he isnt concerned about it. He did not check his throat nor his nose. He also didn’t take his pulse ox which really worries me. He is filling in for a pediatrician and is not a pediatric dr. He told me to give him the penicillin and wait to see if he gets better by Monday. His face is bright bright red and he totally out of it. I feel this is reababy to go to the ER but the dr. says to wait it out.. What r ur opinions? I have no idea what to do since I have to get a referal at the Er from his Dr. Mind you his isn’t his usual dr. but our pediatrician quit and this guy is just filling in. Ur opinions will be appreciated!!

Call your insurance company, they should have a 24 hour nurse line and they can tell you what to do. If that doesn’t work take him to the ER and fight with your insurance company over the bill later, your baby and his health should take priority – I can tell you think that as well. Good luck and I hope that he gets better REALLY soon!!

Yes I would take him to ER it seems to me the you are uncomfortable with the doctors diagnoses of your baby. Better safe than sorry.