I’m pregnant along with baby #2, and We saw the actual heartbeat inside a ultrasound a week ago and every thing was good. Today I’d a diarrhea following dinner, I simply pooped once however it was a great deal and watering. (sorry an excessive amount of info! ) we didnt feces again after and contains been a few hours, and Personally i think fine. I had been paranoid regarding listeria or some of those insane inffections which harm the actual babies! But personally i think fine right now! So had been this meals poison or even something? if that’s the case is my personal baby okay? I do not remember consuming anything poor, I experienced ham, but we heat this up first and so i really do not know what has been… But if it had been some type of food toxin or what ever my baby doesn’t have it right? Many thanks!

It ought to be ok, having diarrhea doesn’t invariably mean you’ve food poisoning. For a few women it’s some of those lovely (! ) being pregnant symptoms.

you as well as baby ought to be fine. diarrhea is actually pretty normal the only real time is may cause a problem is really if you receive dehydrated therefore just ensure that you drink plenty! if you are feeling ok i quickly wouldnt be concerned

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