several times a day, but each time with very little amount of feaces, that’s also very watery. i can give her anti-diarrhea medicine, but i have a doubt. even though purging, the amount of the defecation is so little, which means there’s a lot of feaces still being stored in her body. if i give her the medicine, she’ll stop passing motion and it will store even more ‘stuff’ in her body rather than passing it out. but if i dont give medicine, she goes to toilet so often and loses so much of water and she looks exhausted. what should i do?and what could be the cause of this kind of diarrhea? she gets it about once in every two months. (i have IBS. is IBS hereditary?)

Try to feed her foods that are not laxative when she has diarrhea…like banana for fruits, smashed carrots, toast with cheese…nothing that can ferment in her stomach, and nothing sweet or that has sugar. So no juice will be best if she can drink mint tea . IBS is not hereditary and diarrhea can have multiple causes. Try to see what u gave her to eat and what can cause this, if is something that appears often means is something that she eats constantly…like milk, or a sort of veggie that she doesn’t like. Just observe her digestion and try to remember what could possibly provoke this.

Stop the anti diarrhoea medicine. Despite the fact she’s producing watery stools it sounds like she’s constipated, and only a small amount of liquid stool can escape- the remainder of the stool is being left behind in her body. Anything to prevent or stop diarrhoea will actually make this worse. Give her a diet of high-fibre foods for a few days and see how she gets on.