My baby is 16mths old and has had diarrhea for 3 days now. It doesn’t look like it’s letting up. He has lost his appetite but he is still taking in fluids. What else can i give him to stop the diarrhea?

I’m sorry your little guy isn’t feeling well. The most important issue with diarrhea in children is the risk of becoming dehydrated. That’s good that he’s still taking in fluids. You can do a simple test to make sure he isn’t dehydrated. Lightly pinch the skin together on his chest. If the skin stays tented up (rather than springing right back), then he is dehydrated. If he IS dehydrated, seek medical attention immediately. If not, lets work on the diarrhea. I would try the BRAT diet. This consists of feeding your child 4 specific foods in a specific order (as it is spelled). The foods are:BananasRiceApplesToastYou do not need to feed him all 4 foods at the same time. 1st feeding: Bananas2nd time you feed him: Rice3rd time he eats: Apples4th time he eats: ToastThis magical combination usually does the trick to clear up diarrhea. So remember BRAT in case you ever need to do it again. And dont forget to keep up with the fluids. Hope this helps :)

If I were you, I would ask your GP, they should be able to give him something suitable for someone his age.