My 2 1/2 year old baby has been having diarrhea off and on for about a week now (she has it for two days, then it’s gone for a day, then it’s back). My kids don’t drink juice, just sugar free kool-aid, and they eat about 2 or 3 servings of fruit a day, but I’ve reduced it down to just a banana a day for now. We just can’t seem to kick this- does anyone have any suggestions? She is acting completely fine, energetic and cheerful. I’m taking her to the doc tomorrow if it continues.

A couple of loose stools for a day or two isn’t really diarrhea. Especially if your child is happy and playing and acting normally Five or more liquidy stools in an eight-hour period is diarrhea. . Kool-aid (as can anything sugary or with artifical sweetener)can cause loose stools, you might want to back off on it for a few days. Offer plain water instead. The best remedy for loose stool is what they call the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, applesauce (not juice! juice can make diarrhea worse) and toast. Pretty much any starchy carbohydrate will work – bread, noodles, macaroni, pretzels, crackers, animal crackers, oatmeal, etc. I would not give Immodium or Pepto – if this is caused by something she ate or drank or a virus, giving these medications can make it last longer. (They’ve also been known to give BAD belly cramps.) You want whatever is causing it to get out as fast as possible!

Try children’s Imodium ad it works Great on the kids. When we used to give our sons peanuts he would end up with diarrhea.Make sure you kep her drinking.Try giving her 7-up or sprite.