We’ve been toilet training my baby so he’s been having a naked bottom for the past few days. Today, he is suffering from diarrhea. I’m a bit worried he might have got it from touching is bottom and then putting his hands in his mouth. Could this give him diarrhea? Would it require any medicines or just resolve itself?

Its probably a bug he has picked up along the way.Lots of fluids and cover his backside.He may not get sick on his own faeces but once its in contact with the environment it starts harbouring all sorts of nasties.Wash his hands and yours after changing or toilet.

No. A human can’t get diarrhea from ingesting his or her own poop. OTHER people’s feces, definitely… (And so you know, human urine from oneself OR from someone else who is healthy -no bladder infection – is completely unable to make someone sick, but I’m sure it tastes rather awful in quantities.)