I’ve a 5 1/2 month aged baby woman and upon tuesday she began to show signs of the cold, and your woman she started to obtain a little diarreah. Now your woman very congested and it has diarrhea really badly, the other day i transformed like 10 filthy diapers, now i have done 3. She isn’t eating perfectly, she will not take solids, and has difficulty drinking the woman’s bottle. Yesterday She visited bed from 10, as well as woke upward every forty five minutes, after that at two am your woman woke upward screaming, likke haven’t heard the woman’s scream prior to, untill regarding 3 whenever she dropped back sleeping. I known as my physicians office but he’s on hollidays before 7th associated with january, and so i am wondering basically should consider her towards the emergency space.

If she’s had diarrhea every day and night she needs assistance to prevent dehydration and also the additional issues that brings! Either consider her towards the ER or perhaps a walk within clinic!

I’d try a few saline falls or spray on her congestion. It may be very frustrating for any baby to become congested and unable to breathe via her nasal area. If your woman can’t inhale through the woman’s nose, she won’t be able in order to drink from the bottle very easily either. Along with having diarrhea, you will need to push the actual fluids to avoid dehydration. Should you get the woman’s congestion removed out as well as she nevertheless won’t consume her bottle I’d definitely consider her in immediately. Good good fortune!