What should I avoid giving him to eat or drink? What should I give him? How long will it last? He has been fussier then usual also and threw up formula (as much as the palm of your hand) yesterday evening.He was also around my 95 year old grandfather, who just found out he has Shingles, last weekend. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but just saying.

He could possible have a stomach virus.If that’s the case, be cautious when changing his diaper/ cleaning any vomit because it is extremely contagious.Bleach kills noro virus (if he even has that particular stomach virus)You should avoid dairy, heavy foods and anything with sugar.The only sugar exception would be pedialyte which you should consider purchasing.It is much better than water since it replaces loss electrolytes.Hope he feels better soon.

I would keep him hydrated as much as possible. We always gave my baby pedia-lyte to help as well as baby powder, diaper rash cream or A&D ointment on the bottom. I wish you luck.