For that past 14 days, my 10 month baby may be pooping eco-friendly watery bar stools. Before your woman had the actual watery bar stools, she pooped usually until your woman got the fever two wks back. Now each and every mornin the woman’s diapers is actually full associated with green watering stools, and through the night time, and sumtimes at night. During the first wk, i’d to alter her diaper each and every hr or even two bc from it. Im thinking she’s diarrhea, however, many of my loved ones say it’s bc your woman losing the actual stools b . c . she going to walk quickly. Im likely to the er tomorrow to possess her examined if she’s her eco-friendly stools again each morning. I would like to know if all of your babies experienced this prior to.

Is your woman breastfed? greenish feces soup inside a breastfed baby means insufficient hind whole milk. The fix is straightforward. Just feed just one breast for each feeding, so baby empties the actual breast and has got the hind whole milk.

Got towards the ER as if you plan to complete or phone your doctor and discuss the issue.

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